Party Package

$275- 5 Stations

$300- 6 Stations

$325- 7 Stations/Entire Building

-If more than 10 people attend, all 7 stations must be booked

-If more than 14 people attend, all 7 stations must be booked AND 30 mins. must be added

-If more than 21 people attend, all 7 stations must be booked AND an extra hour must be added

- all time added because of the amount of players will be charged REGARDLESS of if the time was used, in order to cover our costs

-For every additional 7 people, an additional half hour must be added

-Unlimited Soda

-3 Medium Pizzas (extra pizzas are $10 each) If you bring your own pizzas, $10 off the party**

-Can choose either Cupcakes or Cookies. Cupcakes are included in party. Cookies cost are determined based on the cookie, see the Specialty Cookies page. There is a 10 dollar discount to the cookie cost if cookies are substituted for cupcakes, and a 4 day notice is required.

-All plates and utensils provided

-Reserved seating for duration of party

-T-shirt for birthday person, $10 dollars per extra birthday person

-1 year VIP Pass for $7 VR plays (for the person(s) being celebrated)

-Unlimited Slushies for $15 extra

-Ice Cream cups during cupcake time forĀ  $15 extra

-Parties>14- slushies and ice cream are $20, in order to cover costs

-$50 Deposit due a week before party

(our occupancy is 86 people, including 4 to 5 workers, so please be curtious)

**Instead of getting money back, you may trade pizzas and/or cupcakes for 15 mins of extra play-time each

***We do parties for ages 7+, if you have plans to have anyone younger playing VR during the party you must check with management at the time of booking

For any questions, or to book a party, contact (Responses will be swift)